Von Kathmandu is an adventure company specializing in mountain treks, valley hikes, cultural tours, heli trips, and mountain climbs across the Himalayas of Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. The company was born out of the love for the mountains, the people meet along the way, and the communities we traverse. As a trekking company, we may be new. Our knowledge of beautiful trails and obsession with nerdy logistics is not. What we lack in decades of experience, we make up for in the quality we consistently deliver. We have returning clients who’ve left us happy and raving reviews.

We invite you to join our trips in the Himalayas for an adventure of a lifetime!

From the makers of
Snail Trail Series

vonKathmandu is the same team behind your favorite monthly trail races in Kathmandu — Snail Trail Series. We are known for non-negotiable quality, efficiency, integrity, and customer service. In each iteration, it sees hundreds of participants including a considerable number of expats from embassies, INGOs, and UN agencies. Since its inception, the series has created a close-knit community of outdoor enthusiasts who love and share the trails.

Our Values

vonKathmandu is shaped by several core principles that allow us to serve you better.

Our Values

vonKathmandu is shaped by several core principles that allow us to serve you better.


We never shortchange. Neither do we overpromise, nor underdeliver. We believe in enterprise, not handouts or cheating. We treat everyone equally and with respect.


We are obsessed with details, process and results. We operate seamlessly and strive tirelessly to improve and optimize our operations through feedback and observation.


We have personally walked the trails that we recommend to you. They have been thoroughly scouted and researched to give you nothing short of the best experience.


We take the safety and wellbeing of our trekkers very seriously, whether it be trudging carefully on the trails or avoiding crowds.

What to expect on our trips

Imagine walking along breathtaking trails; through paddy fields, quaint villages, flowy ridges, rivers and temples, lush forests, and lateral moraines. Think of coming across vantage points to admire deep valleys below, endless rolling hills, and the snow-capped Himalayas on the horizon. Picture the views! Our trips offer all that and then some more. Immerse yourselves into pristine local cultures — an experience unlike anything. Lend a hand in the paddy fields, herd some goats if you feel like, play football with the village kids or spend a morning in a dugout ferrying fodder for the cattle! Each of our trips is a new lifetime, a new you to explore.

Responsible Travel

As responsible travellers ourselves, we love and respect the places, people, communities, religion, and nature we encounter on the way. As a company, we encourage our trekkers to be responsible travellers too. In alignment with this value, we require all participants to discard waste properly, minimize the use of plastic, follow local rules, and be respectful of local culture.

Experienced and Responsive Team

Although young, our team collectively brings forth years of experience. We have first-hand knowledge of walking the trails and credibility as guides. We understand the excitement, confusion, and apprehension that comes with treading on unknown terrain. Hence, our team of friendly and knowledgeable professionals is here to do all the thinking and planning for you so that you can simply enjoy the journey. We are very approachable and open to requests, ideas, and feedback. Try us!

Mountain Treks

No size fits all! At vonKathmandu we understand and follow this saying to its core. So whether you are a rookie hiker, an experienced mountaineer, or a virgin on the trails, we have got you covered. From rolling hills, deep valleys to high glaciers, there is a trekking trail in the Himalayas for everyone. We’ve combined our love for mountains and logistics to bring you treks that are best suited for you — depending on your trekking preference, fitness level, and available duration.


Not everyone can afford a weeklong trip, but everyone deserves a getaway. With our weekenders’ trips, you can escape the grind and live it up for a couple of days. These overnight trips are not too far from Kathmandu but are just away enough from the crazy hustle and bustle. Spend your nights in comfortable hotels and resorts with great service and ambiance. Immerse in local culture and mingle with the locals while enjoying the outdoors. Here is your chance to breathe in the fresh air and breathe out the rut, and get closer to nature.

Day Hikes

Multiple days in the mountains is not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you are in for a taste of it, day hikes in the laps of the Himalayas are an excellent option. Set off on relaxed walks through valley outskirts on less trodden trails meticulously scouted to merge villages, woods, paddy fields, and temples. We take it slow, with several short pauses to take in the glorious view. What better way to unwind, refreshen, and (re)connect with your family, friends, strangers, or yourself!