The trip was amazing and I was so happy to be your guinea pig for this one! I loved how you found and connected the trails behind the trails and took me to corners around Pokhara that I had no idea existed! The choice of hotels was excellent and I will never forget the view from Club ES – it’s totally etched in my mind forever. The most peaceful moment was sitting at Rupa lake – watching birds land and take off. What a welcome little moment of rest before going up the hill! The views of the mountains were so up close and I really appreciated that you found the trails with those gorgeous views! You are an excellent guide, smart, funny, caring. I felt at all times well cared for. On top, you’re an outstanding photographer and the memories you created are a very cool bonus. And of course, Luna the cocker spaniel, agrees with all I said and raises her paw to say hi 🙂

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