Embark on a journey with us and let jawdropping views, rustic culture and pristine trails fill you with awe and wonder. We’ve combined our love for mountains, people and logistics to bring you some of the best adventures in the Himalayas. We take it slow and make several short pauses to enjoy our time, mingle with the locals, breathe fresh air and get to know the mountains more closely.


The iconic Himalayan gems of Nepal that draw travellers from all around the world. From novice to intrepid trekkers, these treks with unparalleled mountains, spectacular trails, rustic mountain towns, and jaw-dropping views are usually on the bucket list of most people. Don’t know where to trek? Choose one of the popular treks and you will not go wrong.


Our comfort treks allow you to enjoy the mighty mountains, charming mountain villages, and gorgeous valleys of Nepal without leaving class and comfort behind. These treks are designed with moderate walking hours and a selection of impressive mountain hotels stationed in some of the finest vantage points.

Perfect for: Families with small kids, beginner trekkers, and anyone who wants to experience Himalayas without compromising on services.


With a wide variety of trekking trails, Nepal has something to offer for everyone. If you have a week or less in Nepal, our short treks let you experience some spectacular Himalayan terrains in a matter of days.

Perfect for: People pressed with time, somebody looking for a quick adventure between 3 to 7 days.


With the giant Himalayas stretching across the Northern horizon, Nepal is a heaven for adventure seekers and trail enthusiasts. We label the treks that are generally longer than a week, go to high elevations, and involve high mountain passes and glaciers as challenging. These treks push your limits but are very doable as the itineraries are designed with special attention to factors like average daily walking hours and pace, safety and acclimatization.

Perfect for: Adventure seekers, fast packers, and anyone willing to push a little to get closer to mountains and surreal mountain terrains.


Journeys to the far-flung Himalayan destinations. Explore the unchartered territories of Nepal that not many tread, where the mountain culture is still authentic and trails are rustic.