Embark on a journey with us and let jawdropping views, rustic culture and pristine trails fill you with awe and wonder. We’ve combined our love for mountains, people and logistics to bring you some of the best adventures in the Himalayas. We take it slow and make several short pauses to enjoy our time, mingle with the locals, breathe fresh air and get to know the mountains more closely.

N/B: Dates are announced for every three months, to allow for flexibility in case of any travel policy changes. We’ll add more trips and departure dates in coming weeks.

Tentative Dates for Mountain Treks

Dates for mountain treks are tentative, give or take a few days for start date (finish date adjusts accordingly). We understand everyone has different holidays and work schedule. We’ll find the closest date that works best for a group.

For hikes, dates are fixed.

Make it a Private Trek

Mountain treks are available as a private departure - just for you, your friends, family and colleagues - on a date of your preference. A minimum group size of four is required for standard prices. For smaller group sizes, please inquire.

For hikes, private trips are not available.