August 23, 2020

Mountain lodges are the basic accommodation set up by locals to cater to trekkers in the trails. The common features across all lodges are standard rooms, a spacious and heated dining hall, and a restaurant with an extensive menu. Services like battery charging, Wifi and hot showers (solar/gas heated) are available for an extra fee. Moreover, it is mandatory to have meals in the facility you’re staying at.

The rooms in mountain lodges generally have two or three twin beds with a mattress and blanket. We make sure that the lodges we select have clean rooms and change their bed sheets regularly. Other amenities could be a table, hanger, and dustbin but do not expect to have charging ports and attached toilets in the rooms.

Toilets are usually common to a floor and could either be western or squat style. In lower elevations, attached toilet options are available. However, the options get limited to shared toilets as we go higher (above 3000 meters). Make sure you carry your toilet papers and soap.